Don't Throw it Away Recycle 1st

You want to help sustain the environment but divesting from fossil fuels is not quite on your to do list. Recycling is doing something small, but making a big difference. Every little bit helps. 


Recycle 1st is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses recycle.   Let's change the future of our country 1 bag at a time.


We collect your recycling from your doorstep, sort it and deliver it to recyclers who process your waste back into materials that can be used within the South African manufacturing industry.


We collect from homes, weekly and fortnightly. We help small - medium size  businesses recycle and all, at the most competitive rates.

We even continuously assess your recycling needs.


Let’s leave Cape Town in a better state than we found it. Be part of a world where waste is handled responsibly and there is more for all.  "Waste Not Want Not" If you waste not, you will not lack.  Recycle 1st


Co. VAT Number  4270267752

BEE Level 1, 135% Procurement Recognition

Unit 1, 27 Coleman Street Elsiesriver

Sales: 081 563 6494


Theresa 081 338 9514

Accounts: Shadrack 081 722 8711

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