Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Hello Fellow Recycler's

Hop to your recycling bin but don’t just throw everything in. Here’s our tips for Easter recycling and beyond. The Easter festivities are almost upon us, so your house might soon be full of Easter egg wrappers, boxes, and everything in between. But did you know a lot of that waste can go straight into your kerbside recycling bin?

Let's talk Easter egg foil.

The best way to recycle Easter egg foil is to scrunch the foil up into a fist-sized ball before placing it in the recycling bin. This makes sure the small bits of foil don’t get lost in the recycling process. If it’s got chocolate on it, don't freak out, its all good. If it's a lot dirtier then try to scrape off the food.

A thoughtful reminder around Easter is that Easter eggs create a large amount of waste, where certain Plastics cannot be recycled at all

What about those cumbersome Cardboard boxes?

The cardboard boxes that package the eggs, along with any other boxes, can be placed in your blue recycling bin.

Collapsing the boxes first helps leave room in your bin for more recycling.

The Plastic Egg Holders Molds are unfortunately Not Recyclable, so if you can’t re-use them, please put them in your general rubbish bin.

Other examples of plastic that cannot be recycled are plastic are those UNMARKED PLASTICS if you have plastics not marked with a logo, but you think they may be recyclable, take a pic and keep them separate and pop us a question on a social media or via email.

How sure are you about the Hot cross bun plastic bags? There’s one question to ask when it comes to recycling plastic – ‘does it hold its shape?’ The golden rule is, if it holds its shape when

Hot cross bun bags There’s one question to ask when it comes to recycling plastic – ‘does it hold its shape?’ The golden rule is, if it holds its shape when crumpled then it can be placed in the recycling bin, if it bounces back into its original shape it belongs in the bin. That means plastics like those that cover hot cross buns are out. Here is a recipe to make your own Hot Cross Buns instead of shop bought.

The Marshmallow Egg packaging Saga Unfortunately, Marshmallow Egg packaging is not recyclable, so why not make your own DIY Marshmallow eggs? here's a DIY recipe

We would like to thank the 89 people who participated in our 10-year Birthday Celebration which was a Beach-Walk, at Lagoon Beach in Milnerton. It was a very successful event as we collected a total of 249 kg waste, which the majority of this was lollipop wrappers, lollipop sticks, chip packets, and cigarette buts, etc.

From Everyone at Recycle 1st we wish you a Happy Easter ! Till next time.


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