Lockdown update

We will be opening Tues 14 April 2020 for collections.

Your day of collection will be as per before lockdown. We have been closed since 26 March. During this time we have been approved as an Essential Service, and have received our necessary paper work. We delayed opening with the hope that we would be open after the initial 21 days. However the lockdown has now been extended and we understand that we have been given an oppurtunity to operate and should not let that be taken for granted. We still have a lot of precautions to take. Our staff's health and safety is our highest priority. Your most recent recycling, less than 3 days old, please do not put out and please keep for the next weeks collection. It has been reported that the virus can stay on cardboard, metal and plastics for a long time. If you are suspicious that you have the virus and are currently in self isolation, please do not put your recycling out. Please do not place the following items in with your recycling: Tissues Serviettes Disposable masks Gloves these must go in with refuse to landfill. It is important to note that if conditions to collect prove difficult, issues with police or the army, violence or general safety concerns, we will look at closing down operations. It is also important to note that many other recycling companies that we distribute the material to, are still closed and if they do not open, our warehouse will get full with no place to take the recycling to. This will also be a reason for us to postpone collections. Please keep checking our website, and social media channels for updates! The last request is that you be patient with us as we have not collected for some time and we know that you have a lot of recycling, we can however only take a maximum of 6 bags per household and will try to get through the backlog as best we can over the coming weeks. please understand that this is to ensure that staff get back to the warehouse in time to still get Taxi's home. So if we leave bags outside your home, you understand why. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Keep safe and stay at home. Regards Anthea Fransman and the Recycle1st team Stay Safe Stayhome This too shall pass


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