Making a Difference One Bit at a Time

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

The way people talk about recycling these days, one would think that it was a tedious and time consuming task.

Perhaps that was the case in the past, but today recycling has never been easier with our help at Recycle 1st, we’ll get you going in no time.

Which Items Can Be Recycled?

Paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, even select electronic waste items and cables will happily be collected for recycling.

What Can I Do to Get Involved?

  • If you live in a complex, you can contact your portfolio agent and propose a recycling initiative for your complex

  • Keep your recyclable items aside and contact Recycle 1st to collect on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis

  • At home all you need to do is add another dustbin, preferably one large enough to accommodate packaging, paper, plastics etc. Just give dirty food items a rinse before you place them into your recycling bin

Where Does My Fee Go?

The nominal fee that we charge to collect your recycled items goes towards sorting costs and labour.

The recycling buyers have specifications for the materials they purchase from us, and so extra care and time is taken to sort your items properly.

The Difference?

We make it easy. Recycle 1st is pure convenience. There’s no need to head down to recycling drop-offs and plants yourself. We’ll do it for you.

Make a difference.

The Recycling Process

  1. Contact Recycle 1st

  2. We collect your recycling material from your doorstep or office for a nominal fee.

  3. We sort it and deliver it to local recycling plants.

  4. The plants re-process your waste back into materials that can be used again.

  5. You make a difference for our environment.

Who is Recycle 1st ?

Recycle 1st is your local one-stop-shop for all your recycling needs.

Starting six years ago by myself, Anthea Fransman in the Northern suburbs, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. So much so, that we’ve been able to employ 38 permanent staff to date.

We currently own 4 collection vehicles that service 1300 customers across Cape Town.