5 adjustments to make your kitchen a Zero-waste or Low-impact one.

The month of May is a most exciting Month indeed, from Workers day to Mother’s Day and lets not forget Election day.

Happy Mother’s Day, to All the mothers out there, wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve.

We must also not forget our Mother Earth, and make sure that she is always looked after, as she has looked after us.

She has fed and sustained us for millions of years and has done so without complaint. It Shouldn't be our duty to want to look after her but it should be second nature to do so.

With us giving homage to our Mothers and showing how much they mean to us, we would like to help with, 5 adjustments to make your kitchen a Zero-waste or Low-impact one.

Moving to a Zero-Waste or Low-impact lifestyle all at once seems like an impossible task. Getting rid of all your plastic? "but I need it" is what often goes through our minds.

Its just a new practice we can start, there is in fact a Eco-friendly swap for nearly everything in your kitchen

1. Embrace Silicone Sponges: (not currently readily available in SA)

1. silicone sponges being more environmentally friendly

2. silicone sponges are non-porous, which gives them less space to hold onto germs.

3. shelf-life of about a year

4. To clean, just throw it in the dishwasher.

Remember the Good ole days when we used to use a cloth, were used as paper towels to clean up the mess in the kitchen

1. Completely washable, completely reusable.

2. Many colors and designs to choose from for many different styles and tastes

Fabric Paper Towels (Various Brands)

1. Made with terry cloth and a cotton printed pattern.

2. Completely washable, completely reusable.

3. Many colors and designs to choose from for many different styles and tastes.

4. Great way to dress up a kitchen and be green all at the same time!

can be purchased at Recycle 1st or faithful to nature

Invest in Jars:

Such a simple idea but has endless uses:

1. You can refill a jar with soap (bought in bulk) for doing dishes by hand

2. Fill them with things like seeds, pasta, and nuts at the grocery store’s bulk section.

3. Glass jars are great for displaying foods in your cupboards or for keeping herbs fresh in the fridge (fill with a little bit of water).

Beeswax wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to tinfoil, aluminum foil, and Cling wrap.

1. The natural warmth of your hands activates the beeswax, getting it sticky enough to self-adhere to fruit, vegetables, or cover the tops of bowls or plates

2. Use it to cover up leftover dishes stored away in the fridge, to wrap up a to-go snack (like some nuts, a piece of fruit, or a handful of granola or cereal), or a piece of cheese.

3. To clean, rinse with cold water and a pump of dish soap.

Buying in bulk as often as possible is one of the great keys to a zero waste


1. Not just with food either; buying in bulk can mean a package of 20 glass-lock containers, jars for storage

2. Buying liquids in bulk whenever possible is another low impact staple; the biggest portion of vinegar, olive oil, and castor oil is definitely something you want to keep under your kitchen sink

With all these various ways to move to a Zero-waste , or a Less Impact way of living, we encourage you to share these new innovative ways of living with others around us.

We are always willing to talk about new places to eat or go to, or what's happening on GOT, but lets try to share ways to recycle and help educate others by word-of-mouth about using less plastics and what alternatives, there are out there.

Some News about Whats recyclable. Mc Donalds Cup/ Burger King Take-away-like cups are Polycups

Yes it can be recycled but do we really need it. Our challenge to you, re- think the cup, ask for your re-usable cup to be refilled as an idea to minimise your waste.

Till next time Recycle 1st


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