Recycle 1st turns 10

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We hope you that you have had a great start to the year!!!

It's Our 10th Birthday YOU'RE INVITED

We will be hosting a Beach Clean-up at Lagoon Beach in Milnerton on the 30th March 2019. You are invited to join us . Please RSVP to if you will be joining us so that we can have sufficient gloves and bags.

We will be doing a beach cleanup from 9:30 am till 11 am Followed by an Eco Brick Block Building Demonstration, by the Ecobrick Exchange Followed by Coffee and donuts and some light snacks.

Not only is it our Birthday Month but the 18th March 2019 was Global Recycling Day ” Every year, the earth yields billions of tons of natural resources to transform into consumables. At some point, there will be nothing left. That’s why we must, as a planet, think again about what we throw away – seeing not waste, but opportunity.”

With this in mind we can attempt to follow the seven recycling promises to become a Global Recycling Citizen: See below jpeg for the 7 Points

To learn more about the day and what activities are taking place all over the world please check out the site below:

We are also glad to let you that the disposable coffee cups are now recyclable, there are 2 types out there one being POLYCUPS and the other BIODEGRADABLE CUPS.

Coffee cups may appear to be made of only paper, but they actually contain a layer of plastic, this effectively graded it as Polycups. We can confirm that these cups can be recycled and we have been doing so since October 2018. When have recycled 460 kg of cups in February via MPACT who then bale the cups and send them on to be recycled at a processing plant in Springs, Gauteng

The Alternative to the Polycups are Biodegradable coffee cups. Companies such as EcoPack and Greenhome have been selling 100% compostable and Biodegradable coffee cups and lids. These biodegradable cups are collected and sorted and then sent to Zero to Landfill Organics, where it decomposes and is used as compost.

It seems that March has been a month for a lot of talk about the environment, Another campaign has been the launch of the Good Green Deeds Campaign. It was launched on the 8th March 2019, at Buffalo City, Eastern Cape by President Ramaphosa.

Good Green Deeds Campaign is a nationwide initiative to encourage South Africans to take responsibility for keeping the environment clean.

It stresses that we as individuals and communities need to start thinking about taking care of the environment and actively clean up our surrounding areas.

President Ramaphosa called on young people, in particular, to take the lead in being part of ward-based environmental education and awareness raising. Describing a clean environment as ‘an important source of national pride’, the President said: “let us take ownership of this country that is South Africa, and of this planet that is our only home by keeping South Africa clean.” -

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