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Fortnightly Collections

Home Collections - Curbside Collections

Weekly Collections:                                                               R140.89 per month - 4 Bags max

Complex Collections

We help you set up Bins that are placed in a designated area within your complex.
Your residents place their recyclables in the bins loose (unbagged).
Our staff come and empty your bins, bag your and weigh you recycling.
We provide you with the feedback on how much you are recycling on a monthly basis.
Charges are based on how many bins you will need and how many residents live in the complex. 

Complex Food Waste

In partnership with Urban Farms Recycling, we are expanding our residential complex solutions to include the recycling of all food wastes.  Households are provided with a container for collection of all food scraps (cooked & uncooked, including protein) which are emptied into our on-site blue “bokashi” bins for storage. Bokashi treatment effectively stabilises the food waste and eliminates rotting and any malodour until it is ready for collection by our team. 
We collect on a weekly basis, removing and replacing full bins and re-stocking the bokashi additive.  Charges to the complex are based on the actual number bins collected.
Link to learn more and get a Quote for your complex 

Office Collections

Offices, Buildings and factories we tailor make your recycling program based on your budget, how many staff you have employed and how much waste you currently throw away.
We can assist you in reducing your waste to landfill,
we help in choosing which bins to use and how to set up your program for maximum efficiency and participation.
Charges are based on where you are as well as how much recycling you need collected.
We start at R231.12 per collection. ex VAT